Cooking Class with Chef

Learning the secrets of Venetian cuisine

The highest quality Italian products, the company of an experienced Italian chef, and Venice as the best setting for cooking and enjoying food.

4 hours

6 people

Lunch at chef's house


Grocery shopping at the Market

Rialto's Market

This cooking class is a great opportunity to learn something new about the Italian and Venetian cultures, by meeting the locals and trying their typical

This experience will start early in the morning, heading first at the Rialto’s Market. It is important to start the day so early in order to get the best and freshest ingredients from the market. Together with the tour guide and the chef you will choose the best ingredients for your recipes.


Cooking Class at chef's house


Once you have finished shopping, you will head to the chef’s house where the real Cooking Class will begin. Our Venetian chef will teach you some main skills and reveal the secrets of how to prepare the dishes of your selected menu. Enjoy your prepared dishes with a glass of wine and celebrate your new skills in the kitchen and your knowledge of Italian cuisine.


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