Slow Tours – Lio Piccolo

Discover the naturalistic beauty of the Venetian lagoon

This particular tour was designed to introduce Ca ‘di Dio guests to a less touristy but much more authentic part of Venice: the delicate environment and the lagoon culture in a responsible and respectful way.

Full day Itinerary

Sportswear is needed

Lunch or dinner in Burano included


Lagoon and Nature

Cavallino - Lio Piccolo

A walking or bike tour to discover one of the most fascinating corners of the Venetian north lagoon. We will leave behind the chaotic life of our cities to
immerse ourselves in a real oasis of peace, a world made of sandbars, canals, salt marshes, and fields. Lio Piccolo, a picturesque rural village located a few steps from the beaches of Cavallino Traporti and Jesolo, represents a real slice of life in the lagoon


Back to origins

Lio Piccolo - Laguna di Venezia

We will retrace the ancient origins of the village, we will immerse ourselves in a reality made of agriculture and fishing valleys, where daily life is close to the rhythms of nature. We will find out the systems adopted by the local population to be able to live in a so particular environment and we will discover how these conditions have led to the production of highly appreciated gastronomic specialties. An exciting journey through breathtaking nature, authentic traditions, and flavors of the ancient Venetian lagoon.


A tasty surprise after the tour


Once the bike tour is over, before returning to the hotel, guests will make a short visit to Burano where, among colorful alleys, they will have the pleasure of savoring typical Venetian cuisine in the Al Gatto Nero or Da Romano restaurants. A great way to get to know the flavors of that nature visited a short time before.


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