Venice off the beaten tracks with aperitif

Discover the hidden Venice

Discover the hidden Venice, the one where you can walk for a good 15 minutes and not meet a single tourist!

We will lead you to discover streets and squares off the standard tourist trail.

We will offer you a glimpse of an alternative Venice and show you its history, landmarks and roots.

2 hours

Max 6 people

Services included : english speaking tour guide


Start the tour of the hidden Venice

San Marco

Ponte di Rialto

Meet your experienced tour guide at Hotel just a stone’s throw from St. Mark’s Square at the heart of Venice’s magic atmosphere, and get ready to start your journey into the hidden wonders of the most beautiful city in the entire world.

Somewhere in the notorious maze of Venice’s narrow alleyways, right in the middle of St. Mark’s sestiere, hides a staircase that winds up the tower-like facade of a historic palazzo, the Scala Contarini del Bovolo.

Continue your walk up to the magnificent Rialto Bridge, once a hub of international commerce and a center of intellectual exchange, and now the most iconic building in the whole city.


Pescaria and Campo de l'Erbaria Markets


Campo de l'Erbaria

Walk around the market, and discover its two main sites: Pescaria and Campo de l’Erbaria.

Pescaria, located under the lodges, is the fishing-market.

Spot the signs on the walls that point the minimum length of the fishes provided by the law of the ancient Serenissima.Campo de l’Erbaria is the nearby open-air market, where herbs and spices are sold. Much of vegetables sold in Campo de l’Erbaria were and are still cultivated in the Island of Sant’Erasmo, the main “garden” of Venice.

Leave the market with its lively sounds behind and enjoy a breathtaking view from the rooftop of Fondaco dei Tedeschi, once a trading post for German merchants, depicted by Canaletto, and now one of the best photography spots of the entire lagoon.

At the end, enjoy a spritz while looking back at the pictures you took along the way through the secret, wonderful Venice.


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