Chocolate Tasting


On the coldest days of the year, warm your taste buds and your heart with sweetness of our delicious chocolate treats.

Indulge your senses and rediscover the magic of chocolate

Join us on a tasting tour of Rome’s most extraordinary chocolates, carefully selected by the staff of Donna Camilla Savelli. Chocolate should be more than just a taste. It should be an experience. Join us from November to April, and sample our chocolate treasures. The perfect accompaniment to a winter stroll through our historic city.

Chef's delicious biscotti accompaniments

Only available in the winter months


Excellence in chocolate

The selection

On cold winter days, a cup of hot chocolate is the perfect remedy. Join us for the ultimate hot chocolate. A warm embrace for your palate and a treat for the senses in cold weather. Our hot chocolate is prepared with passion by artisans who bring their craft to every cup, making every sip a moment of pure pleasure. Donna Camilla Savelli’s Chocol-hot tasting includes a selection of three different chocolates crafted by some of Rome’s most skilled chocolatiers. Bold, surprising, spicy, and irresistible, we blend cocoa with carefully selected flavours from ginger to raspberries to delight your senses.


The perfect combination

Chef's special biscotti

A delicious drink deserves an accompaniment that accentuates the nuances of flavour, texture and aroma in every sip. The Chocol-Hot selection is served alongside a selection of Chef’s delectable biscotti, prepared exclusively with fresh ingredients from the Lazio region. A combination of tastes and textures that stays with you for every sip that will make your trip to the Eternal City even more special.


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