Olive Oil Tasting

Tasting of Extra Virgin Olive Oils

Tasting the harmony of oil

Accompanied by a skilled oil sommelier you will discover the scents and aromas of 4 different types of monocultivar oil and blends accompanied by finger food designed by the chef for the occasion.

Minimum 2 guest

Served in the garden or at the Bar

Matching finger foods


The tasting

The tasting technique

Oil tasting is an authentic ritual that involves our senses, based on a precise sequence of well-defined and cadenced gestures.

The tasting directly involves the guest who first of all will have to heat the special glass for oil tasting with his own hands. Then there will be the moment to discover the scents of the oils and then the flavors with the authentic taste of the most fragrant and tasty varieties of oil.


Un delizioso accompagnamento

The finger food

To accompany each tasting there will be the chef’s finger foods, each designed to accompany a different variety of wine.
Don’t forget to clean your mouth with a pinzimonio before moving on to the next tasting!


A 360 ° experience

The location

To welcome the “The Box” experience during the summer, the lush spaces of the garden inside the structure. When the days become cooler, the more intimate and charming corners of the hotel bar will host the tasting.


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