Renaissance Tasting

Discover the time-honoured flavours of the renaissance, and the culinary customs of that era.

A renaissance of taste

Take a culinary journey through time and space. Enjoy artfully constructed dishes that revive the aromas, scents, flavours and colours of the historic cuisine that formed the foundations of the dishes that we know today. The renaissance lives again in the themed menu of Il Ferro e Il Fuoco restaurant.

Renaissance recipes reimagined by our chef

Tasting at the restaurant "Il Ferro e il Fuoco"

Reservation required at least 48h in advance


The renaissance cuisine

The tasting menu

The roots of today’s Italian cuisine can be traced back to the renaissance. In those times, the division into social classes meant that the nobles often dined on rich game and fruit, while the common people had a more humble diet of simple grains and soups.

Chef Emidio Gennaro Ferro has brought new life to traditional renaissance dishes. Our timelessly delicious menu reinterprets the recipes of Maestro Martino da Como and Bartolomeo Scappi.



Go beyond wine pairings

The culinary experience includes the matching of wines, but the taste experience does not stop there. Let your palate explore the tastes of a bygone era with the liquor, hypoclas. This is a beverage dating back to the recipe book of Isabella de’ Medici Orsini. Delicious and refreshing, it is made of rosehip and malvasia grapes, enriched with aromatic spices such as cloves and nutmeg.


"Il Ferro e Il Fuoco" Restaurant


To step into the restaurant Il Ferro e Il Fuoco is to pass through the gates to a distant world, brought to light by the architect Maria Ilaria Billi. The result is an elegant celebration of Roman culture and history. The architecture of Donna Camilla Savelli is combined with a verdant interior garden, open to hotel guests and to anyone wishing to experience a unique culinary experience. The rich colours, the golden brush strokes, the ambient lighting, it’s a visual homage to the renaissance era that perfectly compliments your dining experience. Let our themed menu take you back in time with a gourmet experience that varies from season to season.


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