Celebrating the birth of Rome

The birth of Rome: Between tradition and legend

Long live Rome!

Legend has it that on April 21, 753 BC, on the slopes of the Palatine Hill, Romulus drew the boundaries within which a new city would rise. That city would be known as Rome. At Donna Camilla Savelli we take great pride in celebrating Rome’s history and honouring her traditions. For this reason, on April 21st of each year, we tcelebrate  the birth of the Eternal City.

Light dining in the Roman Cave

Menu based on Roman and Latium delicacies

Starting from 18:00 on April 21


Raise a toast to Rome

The appetisers

The Roman grotto, one of the most fascinating corners of Donna Camilla Savelli, is the setting for an appetizer designed to honor ancient Rome. Here the Chef will delight diners with a gastronomic experience that will allow them to rediscover the flavors of the past and the incredible delicacies of Lazio.

This grand selection of appetizers includes time-honoured classics of Roman cuisine like porchetta, piazza and mortadella. There is also an exquisite crostini tasting. All washed down with the traditional Roman wine, Cannaiola.



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