Restaurant & Bar

“il Ferro e il Fuoco”

A trip into the heart of Rome begins at the table. In a seductive game of tradition and innovation, each dish offers diners a unique experience in exploring the authentic flavours of local cuisine. The menu, carefully studied by Chef Emidio Ferro, guides the palate on a tempting journey aimed at discovering the alluring recipes of days long past.

Renaissance menu by Chef Emidio Ferro

Mixed ancient and roman cuisine

Gourmet Experience

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The garden

The antique internal garden, in complete Italian style, is the perfect place to start the day. The aroma of coffee, freshly baked bread and the scent of fresh jams will make your morning alarm sound much sweeter.

Menù The Garden

Cloister Lunch

Drink List

Ancient Garden

Vegan and Celiac dishes

Settled in the heart of the hotel

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Lazio flavours: Itineraries and experiences

Suggestions and insider tips on creating a personalized itinerary for discovering the delectable food and wine culture of the Eternal City.


Wine Not?

Local wine tasting. A selection of prestigious wines accompanied by appetizers that have been carefully studied by the chef to enhance their unique flavours.