Redeemer’s Feast 2024

Sparks of Flavor at Ca’ di Dio:
A Unique Gastronomic Experience for the Redeemer’s Feast

The Redeemer’s Feast is one of the most cherished celebrations for Venetians. A tradition dating back to 1577, it combines both religious and festive elements, with fireworks on Saturday night attracting thousands of visitors. It’s a unique opportunity to enjoy the pyrotechnic display that will illuminate the waters of the San Marco Basin, reflecting on the lagoon and creating a dreamlike atmosphere.

Breathtaking View

A special occasion to enjoy the magnificent fireworks display

Tradition and Innovation

The menu inspired by the Venetian lagoon and crafted by Executive Chef Luigi Lionetti

Fine Wines

Paired with seafood dishes to enhance the taste and aroma of the ingredients used

A Sensory Journey of Flavors

Celebrate the Redeemer’s Feast with taste and elegance

Discovering Exclusive Menus

VERO Restaurant: A Haute Cuisine Experience

Guests at VERO Restaurant will be welcomed with an elegant aperitif.

The menu, crafted by Chef Lionetti, includes delicacies made with premium ingredients such as prawns, truffles, and lobster.

All dishes will be paired with a selection of wines chosen by the Sommelier.

Alchemia Bar by VERO: Reimagined Venetian Flavors

At Alchemia Bar by VERO, the evening begins with a sophisticated welcome aperitif: Venetian sushi with cuttlefish veil, savory profiterole with creamed cod, and polenta chips with Adriatic bluefin tuna carpaccio. The experience continues with an elegant seafood crudité and concludes with Caprese cake served with Madagascar vanilla ice cream, a tribute to Chef Lionetti’s origins.