The sweet scent of bread

In a rural environment suspended in time, among the ancient farmhouses and mills of the Iblean countryside traversed by a freshwater stream, you will be welcomed to a rustic cottage to learn the art of making bread and pizza as handed down by skilled Sicilian housewives. The resulting flavours and scents of a distant time will offer you a healthy and genuine experience.

Cooking class included

Lunch included

Visit to the mill


Meeting and departure

Hyblaean countryside

A welcome breakfast in the lush Hyblaean countryside to get started with energy.

A unique experience in the kitchen, at the table, and surrounded by nature: hands-on preparation of bread and pizza.

The meeting point is 15 minutes before the starting time at the mill.


Tour of the market and shopping

Mulino Santa Lucia

Once the wood-burning oven has been lit, you will enjoy a chat to discover culinary secrets and then go on a walk in the countryside to visit the Mulino Santa Lucia house museum. The Mulino is a still-functioning water mill that preserves evidence of ancient peasant life.

You will then have the option of bathing in a natural tub where the river water collects to give you an energizing massage while the chirping of birds sings the soundtrack of the relaxing day.


Return to the cottage, preparation of dishes and lunch

Lunch time

The scent of leavened dough tells you it’s time for the bread and pizza to be seasoned with typical products and with wild vegetables picked in the countryside.

Enjoy a few glasses of good local wine until the fragrant delicacies are ready, and then have lunch in the company of your cooking tutor.


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