The Serenade

The Sicilian way of serenades

The serenade

In the small neighborhoods of Sicilian cities but even more so in the small towns near Etna, the evening party is a deeply rooted tradition and the groom cannot neglect to organize this beautiful act of love that involves families and friends. For guests who want to experience Sicilian romance, the hotel is ready to help you prepare for this special evening.

1 to 2 hours of serenade

Sicilian musical ensamble


Music and dancing

to celebrate love

The hotel will be happy to help the future bridegroom to organize the most romantic of serenades down to the smallest detail, keeping the secret to surprise the bride. For the occasion, a romantic corner of the hotel will be set up together with the musical set-up. Once the groom has chosen the day, place and time, the serenade can begin. A minstrel will sing love songs for the newlyweds in the traditional Sicilian dialect or from a small repertoire chosen by the groom.


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