A day as a massaru

A typical farmhouse nestled in the green and yellow of the wheat that has retained its original Sicilian style. A place that awakens a certain bond with the land, nature and traditions, offering an idyllic scenery while appreciating the typical colours and fragrances of the Sicilian land, giving you a typical day in the life of the Massaru, the ancient farmer.

Cooking class

Lunch included

Suitable for everybody


Arrive and walk in the Sicilian countryside

Renovated stone quarry

Immersed in the Sicilian countryside, you are welcomed into a familiar environment inside a renovated stone quarry. The gaze wanders as you admire the beauty of the surrounding countryside, where you can take long walks among the olive trees, orange groves and breathe in clean air inebriated with simplicity and purity. The gathering is 15 minutes prior to the starting time at the farmhouse.


Cooking class

The experience of preparing local products

After returning from the walk, together with the landlady begins the experience of preparing local products using ancient Sicilian stone-milled grains and extra virgin olive oil, which enhance the surrounding area.


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