The lady of Barocco

Noto is an open-air museum, a stone garden where garlands, cherubs, volutes, and masks shaped in white stone express the joyful sense of rebirth after a tragedy.

A walk through monumental convents and beautiful churches up to the festive palaces that surprise at every step with elegant and curious sculpted details.

Guide included

Entrance ticket to Palazzo Ducezio

Entrance ticket to the Theatre and to Palazzo Nicolaci


Meeting and departure

Porta Reale

Corso Vittorio Emanuele

From the Porta Reale, the monumental entrance to the city of Noto, up to Corso Vittorio Emanuele.

The journey toward the history of this Baroque city begins, accompanied by a guide.

The meeting point is 15 minutes before the starting time at the Porta Reale.


Cathedral and Palazzo Ducezio

Noto Cathedral

Palazzo Ducezio

A stop to appreciate the extraordinary beauty of the Cathedral which rises, as if on a stage, from the top of a monumental staircase, in a dialogue with the refined Town Hall, Palazzo Ducezio.

In front of the majestic Cathedral, one has the feeling of being embraced by the architectural elegance of Palazzo Ducezio, the current seat of the Municipality of Noto, recognized as one of the most important historical monuments of the city and as a symbol of Baroque Sicily.


Community theatre and Palazzo Nicolaci

Community theatre

Palazzo Nicolaci

A splendid example of nineteenth-century architecture, the theatre stands as a symbol of the city that was reborn after the earthquake with the desire to create a space that responds to the cultural and artistic interests of the place.

Palazzo Nicolaci was the residence of the powerful Nicolaci family. The building has amazing facade decorations that hide deep meanings, but its noble dimension is best captured by visiting its interior and admiring the famous ballroom, the period furnishings, and the frescoed vaults.



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