The magic of the volcano

“A Muntagna” (Etna) is a generous but severe mother who regenerates with her destructive power: the mountain gives and the mountain takes.

Her majestic grandeur and the contemplation of the panorama that she offers lead us to reflect on the greatness of creation. A fullness of spirit that is enriched by perfumed notes in a glass of wine and the products of the earth donated by the generous volcano.


Naturalistic, volcanological guide

Wine tasting at winery


Let's discover crateri Silvestri!

Rifugio Sapienza

A guide will accompany you to discover the beauty of the highest active volcano in Europe. The meeting point is 15 minutes before the starting time at the Rifugio Sapienza.

Once you have arrived at the alpine refuge at an altitude of 1,900 meters, you will begin a walk to discover the Silvestri craters. The volcanological guide will tell you about Etna which, with its violent eruptions, has always influenced the collective imagination, generating myths and legends.


Wine tasting

Etna countryside

Wine experience

Arrived at a typical winery, after a walk through citrus groves and vineyards and an interesting visit to the millstone and the wine cellar, we continue with the tasting of wines from the Etna area which illustrate the history and characteristics of the local vines.

The wines will be accompanied by a selection of typical local products of Sicilian culinary tradition.


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