Carnival Chocolate Party

Enjoying the Venetian Carnival at Ca’ di Dio: Atelier Pietro Longhi’s chocolate party

Participating at the Venice Carnival is undoubtedly an experience to be lived at least once. This year, on the occasion of the most spectacular and sumptuous Italian Carnival, Ca’ di Dio will welcome guests with a proposal inspired by this age-old tradition, to give as a gift and treat yourself to a moment of pure happiness.​

28th of February

From 16:30
to 19:30

Theatrical representation of actors in masks

Chocolate tasting and cocktails prepared for the occasion

Events Details

The story telled by Atelier Pietro Longhi

Inspired by the ancient history of Ca ‘di Dio, the story of the Atelier Pietro Longhi sees Venice as its protagonist, personified by an actress, who through her singing will tell her story to other characters including Jacopo Sansovino, the illustrious architect, Europe, Vulcano and Neptune.
The performance will be enlivened by a tasty chocolate with a unique aroma created specifically for this event.

A sweet accompaniment

For this special occasion, the Chef of the VERO Restaurant, Raimondo Squeo, will prepare chocolates with a liquid heart with passion fruit, cardamom and Rosa Moceniga’s Gin, exclusively distilled for Ca ‘di Dio.

An exceptional cocktail

In addition to chocolate, guests can enjoy the cocktail designed for the event at the Alchemia Bar: the Sansovino 2.0.
A cocktail that pays homage to the famous architect with a special blend of passito, sweet & amp; sour and bitter.

Booking & Info

The event is open to both hotel guests and outsiders.
It is mandatory to wear a historical costume, available for rent at the Pietro Longhi Atelier.

For further information and booking:
Ca’ di Dio
Email: cadidio@vretreats.com
Phone: +39 041 09 80 238