Christmas in Venice

Family Holidays

In winter, Venice seems to fall asleep under a veil of poetry, muffling the noise, creating an intimate atmosphere and dilating the perception of time. And it is an enchantment reserved for a select few, to be able to spend the Holidays among the city’s calli, indulging in unforgettable moments to spend with loved ones in a true Venetian residence. At Ca’ di Dio everything is ready for this dream to come true, while the tables are set with the best and most delectable local specialties.

Overnight stay on December 24

for two guests

Junior Suite room

with a view over the inner courtyard

Dinner on the evening of December 24 or lunch on December 25

for two guests

Artisanal panettone

and bottle of Metodo Classico Pas Dosé

Christmas at Ca’ di Dio

Sleeping enclosed in ancient walls

Muted colors, fine fabrics made by Venetian craftsmen, murano glass lights. Everything in the Junior Suites is designed to make your stay relaxing and your experience at Ca’ di Dio truly unforgettable. Discovering all the spaces of the Venetian mansion, overlooking the Island of San Giorgio and garbed for the occasion with elegant holiday decorations.

Merry Christmas

Each family has its own traditions, so each couple can choose between Christmas Eve dinner or Christmas lunch. The VERO – Venetian Roots restaurant menus are inspired by the land, by family and by the fondest childhood memories. A journey through the flavors of the lagoon and the territories of the Serenissima, allowing guests to enjoy an authentic experience with a contemporary twist.

Delicatessen in your room

A sweet treat awaits guests in their room, a traditional artisanal panettone cake and a bottle of Metodo Classico Pas Dosé specially made by a Venetian winery. For a final toast as a couple.