New Year’s Eve in Venice

The end of the year

The flicker of the lights in the lagoon, the gondolas rocking back and forth anchored to the shores, the glitter of the festive outfits that look like masks in brocade and gold, and the trail of the speedboat that comes to a stop in front of the Ca’ di Dio pier. As soon as you step off the boat, you can hear music playing in the background, while the tables are set with delicacies. Everything is ready for the big party.

Overnight stay on December 31st an January 1st

for two guests

Junior Suite room

with a view over the inner courtyard

Dinner on the evening of December 31

for two guests

Musical trio

will accompany the entire celebration

New Year’s Eve at Ca’ di Dio

A house in Venice

Ca’ di Dio is a place to return to whenever you want to relive special moments, where you will be welcomed with genuine care and attention, to feel at home. A Venetian residence to elect as your own.

Venetian roots

The island of San Giorgio in the foreground, bathed in the enchantment of the lagoon at night. Very few tables and a menu inspired by traditions, by childhood memories, by family and by our Venetian roots. The VERO – Venetiann Roots restaurant uses the best local products from a territory that extends to what were once the domains of the Serenissima.

Sweet dreams

A sweet indulgance, a little game for the senses. Homemade chocolates offered in precious flavors: Truffle and Cinnamon, Chocolate and Sesame, Raspberry and Hazelnut. And those who like bold combinations can also experiment with Caper and Radicchio powders.