The enchanting streets of Venice, the ancient history of Rome,

the crystalline sea of Taormina.

Italy is brimming with incomparable places that are to be preserved, discovered, and appreciated in a way that maintains its unaltered splendor over time. It is with this philosophy that VRetreats proposes its hospitality model within the Italian peninsula. Integrated with subtle elegance into a frame shaped by the encounter between nature and history, revealing the fascinating beauty of resorts suspended in time and ready to open their doors to travellers from around the world.

Oasis of tranquility

A restful sleep, a regenerating experience, a simple meditative moment. Each instant becomes intimate and exclusive at the VRetreats resorts, oases of peace in some of the most enchanting places in Italy.

History & Culture

The Italian peninsula is a land rich in majestic architecture, unique artisan goods, and unparalleled skills in the art of fine dining. A heritage that reveals itself to the curious eyes of all those who long to discover the wonders of the Belpaese.

Balance & Harmony

Enchanting scenery and breathtaking views, the Italian landscape is shaped by beauty. Harmony with the surrounding landscape is an essential element of the entire VRetreats collection, places that have a unique tie to the local territory.


Italian Journey

Perspectives, history, artistic beauty, food and wine traditions, Italy’s enchantment takes on different shapes across its varying landscape. Venice, Rome, and Taormina are the perfect symbols of Italian eclecticism, to be discovered experience after experience.


Where water and light intertwine

The narrow streets and the glitter of the Venetian canals are the unmistakable frame that embraces Ca’ di Dio. Suspended between the ever-majestic Saint Mark’s Square and the Arsenale area, this resort is a place where you can immerse yourself in authentic Venetian brilliance.


The Eternal City

The Donna Camilla Savelli rests in a secluded corner of Trastevere, a place that distinguishes itself from the lively atmosphere of the Roman neighbourhood. The structure resides in an ancient Monastery, where the now sumptuous rooms retain the charm of the 17th century.


Sea, sunsets, and ancient ruins

A place where the eyes lose themselves in landscapes defined by the slopes of Mount Etna, the depths of the Mediterranean Sea, and the wonders of ancient Greek culture. Here is where you will find Atlantis Bay and the Mazzarò Sea Palace.


The island of happiness

A precious jewel, set in a marvellous nature: the essence of the Cala Cuncheddi Hotel is all here. The infinity pool, the enchanting Sardinian sea a few meters away, rooms where you can feel at home, restaurants where you can discover the gourmet flavours of our cuisine, a Spa to pamper yourself.


“We found ourselves in a corner of paradise with extraordinary attention to detail. Total relaxation, high level of cuisine, and maximum courtesy from all the staff. Sympathy and professionalism, a winning combination! Splendid location just a few minutes from Taormina thanks to the cable car a few steps from the hotel. “

Alessio, a guest at the Mazzarò Sea Palace

Mazzarò Sea Palace

“We came back this year for the second time, and we found an even more beautiful and welcoming structure. The wonderful terraces of the rooms are a strong point of an elegant, sober, and well-kept hotel. If the goal is to spend a holiday immersed in a place wonderful without giving up rest and elegance this is the right place. “

Valentina, a guest at the Atlantis Bay

Atlantis Bay

“The hotel is located in an ancient monastery in the Trastevere district of Rome. The structure is really beautiful and well restored, cared for by professional staff. Admire the city from above, observe the ancient treasures inside and have an aperitif in the internal garden. Everything is surprisingly beautiful and cared for. “

Vincenzo, a guest at the Donna Camilla Savelli

Donna Camilla Savelli