Experiences to live in Venice

Enchanting canals, local wines, art, culture, and flavors, Venice is all this and more.

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Botanical Experience

A special lagoon tour to discover its nature. A travel experience that allows guests to explore and learn about the beauty and importance of the Venetian lagoon.

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Glass Factory Tour

Discover the secrets of the ancient art of glass blowing by visiting a historic Glass Factory in Murano, and learn more about the Ca’ di Dio historic links with stunning Venetian craftsmanship.

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Unseen Castello District

Castello is one of the most authentic areas in Venice, an off-the-beaten-path neighborhood still almost entirely inhabited by Venetians that you will discover in this tour.

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Slow Tour – Lio Piccolo

Ca’ di Dio guests will discover a more authentic part of Venice: the delicate environment and the lagoon culture in a responsible and respectful way.

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Rowing Lessons

Learn the Voga alla Veneta, the Venetian style of rowing: standing up, facing forward, native to Venice and made iconic by the gondoliers. Row like a Venetian!

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Venice off the beaten tracks with aperitif

Start your journey into the hidden wonders of Venezia and enjoy a spritz while looking back at the pictures you took along the way!

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Experiences to live in Rome

Dedicated to food lovers. A journey to discover colours, aromas and flavours amongst the culinary traditions of Rome.

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The Box Appetiser

Welcome to a new kind of aperitif to be enjoyed in the sumptuous surroundings of Donna Camilla Savelli.

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Renaissance Tasting


Discover the time-honoured flavours of the renaissance, and the culinary customs of that era.

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Say Yes

Romantic dining with a personalised menu, in where every dish is designed to evoke passion.

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Olive Oil Tasting

Accompanied by a skilled oil sommelier you will discover the scents and aromas of 4 different types of olive oils and taste special fingerfoods.

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Wine not?

Explore our range of local wines, in the sumptuous setting of Donna Camilla Savelli. Let our sommelier guide you in a sensational journey.

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Chocolate Tasting!

Join us on a tasting tour of Rome’s most extraordinary chocolates, carefully selected by the staff of Donna Camilla Savelli.

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Experiences to live in Taormina

A dip in the Sicilian beauties, a bath of unforgettable experiences

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The Godfather Vintage Tour

Take a ride in a vintage Fiat 500, a symbol of Italian motoring, and relive scenes from the legendary film “The Godfather”. An occasion not to be missed.

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Discovering Taormina

Taormina has a soul that enchants, captivates, and counts admirers from all over the world. All it takes to fall madly in love with it is a simple stroll through its streets.

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Unforgettable Welcome

A small boat tour of the Bay directly upon your arrival in Taormina while sipping sparkling wine. A real unforgettable welcome.

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Catania & Ciclopi

A small boat tour of the Bay directly upon your arrival in Taormina while sipping sparkling wine. A really unforgettable welcome.

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Etna and Alcantara Gorges

A scenic corner of eastern Sicily, an off-road experience full of adventure.

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The Serenade

Surprise your sweetheart with a Sicilian-style serenade.

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Taormina Bays

A tour to discover the sea pearls of Taormina: an enchanting panorama to be enjoyed aboard a magnificent yacht.

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History on stage

A walk through the alleys and squares of the island of Ortigia reveals centuries-old beauty.

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The sweet scent of bread

You will be welcomed to a rustic cottage to learn the art of making bread and pizza as handed down by skilled Sicilian housewives.

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The lady of Barocco

Noto is an open-air museum to discover his monumental convents, beautiful churches and festive palaces.

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From mosaics to majolica

A tour to discover artisanal skill and live the painting experience in an artistic ceramics workshop.

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The magic of the volcano

The volcanological guide will tell you about Etna and will accompany you to discover this beauty. Tour with wine tasting included.

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