Learn to row like a gondolier

Learn to row like a true Venetian

This tour is dedicated to the preservation of the traditional Venetian cultura acquea and at its center, the voga alla veneta, the Venetian style of rowing: standing up, facing forward, native to Venice and made iconic by the gondoliers. Row like a Venetian! Get off the beaten path and onto the Venetian waterways in our beautiful bateline and try it yourself!

2h e 30 min

4 People

Tasting on boat of traditional cicchetti


Rowing Lessons in Cannaregio


This experience begins with a boat transfer from the hotel to Cannaregio, the district north of Venice full of Venetian attractions and traditional bacari. Here, aboard a beautiful batelina, you will begin to become familiar with the boat and the oar, first starting to practice with the boat stationary and then venture along the canals, once you’ve become comfortable behind a Venetian oar, why not use it to go somewhere? And what better destination than a local bàcaro…or two!



Tasting of cicchetti and local wines

Cannaregio - Canale della Misericordia

If there’s anything more enjoyable the learning to row Venetian style, it’s combine it with a “cicchetti” tasting with Spritz…An assortment of typical cicchetti and accompanying wines at Venice’s traditional bàcari is the perfect intro to the tastes of Venice without committing to a whole meal. Being accompanied by a bàcaro devotèe means you might venture Venetian classics like piovra octopus, fluffy white bàcala mantecato (cooked codfish whipped with olive oil)
on polenta, a savory hot polpetta meat or tuna croquet, or a speck, robiolo e tartufo crostino…when you otherwise might pass them by.


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