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Armònia Restaurant

With its splendid terrace dominating the bay, the Armònia restaurant is under the direction of the young and talented chef, Riccardo Fazio. Sicilian ingredients play a major role in dishes that amaze for their balance, flavor, and finesse. The cuisine is typical of the island, where the sea is always a principal player.


View of the bay

Ideal for a romantic dinner

Tradition mixed to modernity

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Almarè Bar

A musical soundscape and enchanting panorama will accompany guests in a moment of serenity and lightheartedness. The panoramic terrace of the Almarè Bar is ideal for sipping a refreshing cocktail or savouring a light lunch, immersed in the sparkle of the Baia di Mazzarò.


Signature cocktail

Background music

Panoramic Terrace

Exploring Sicilian lands and flavours

Places, flavours, art, discovery. Sicily is a land of a thousand faces to be explored one marvel at a time.


Catania and the Cyclops

Myths and legends come to life with a visit to the city of Catania. Discover a place shaped by lava, the land of the Riviera of the Cyclops, and a unique volcanic landscape.


A glass of emotions

A complete wine and culinary experience, including tasting menus and wine pairings. A harmonious encounter of the aromas and flavours of Sicilian traditions.