The Box Appetiser

Gourmet appetisers redefined by Donna Camilla Savelli

“The Box”

Welcome to a new kind of aperitif to be enjoyed in the sumptuous surroundings of Donna Camilla Savelli. A carefully curated selection of delicious finger foods prepared by our Chef using seasonal and local ingredients. It’s the taste of Rome in a box, designed to delight the senses.

Minimum 2 people

Served in the garden or at the Bar

Finger food prepared by our celebrated Chef Emidio Ferro


The taste of Rome

The finger food

Prepare to take your taste buds on holiday with “The Box”. A package holiday for your palate. This journey has nine destinations, with each designed to take you to a new realm of flavor encapsulating the character and soul of the Lazio region. Created by Chef Emidio Gennaro Ferro and inspired by centuries of culinary tradition, every mouthful is a step into a new world.


Deliciously Sustainable

The Green Choice

“The Box” is the epitome of eco-friendly dining, as sustainable as it is delicious. Everything from the box in which it’s served to the small bowls and even the beautifully crafted cutlery is designed with the planet in mind. Everything is made from biodegradable materials or ceramics that can be reused over time. You’ll find no single-use plastics included with this dish.


An all-round experience

The location

During warm seasons, “The Box” is the perfect dining experience to enjoy in our interior garden. But when the days become cooler, you can still enjoy this taste of Rome in the intimate and beautifully-appointed Donna Camilla Savelli. Take a seat and wait for our dutiful staff to unveil the delicacies that wait for you within the box.


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